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Below you will see details of our current presenters and admin volunteers.


If you are interested in having a go, why not contact us on the telephone number or email address above.


You don't need any previous experience, someone will be with you to guide you all the way.

Bill Jagger


Hi I'm Bill


I have been interested in radio all my life, especially the pirate stations in the sixties. I have been a presenter on another local station for around eight years now and am very proud to be part of Southwold Community Radio.



Sylvia Jagger


Hi I'm Sylvia


A retired Primary School Teacher from Essex. I enjoy chatting to people as everyone has a story to tell, or an organisation to promote. I love listening to stories written by local authors and also stories for children. With good music from the fifties and also light classical join me for Sylvie's Selection Box.

Terry Tarbox


Hi, I’m Terry


I am really looking forward to presenting on Southwold Community Radio. I write children’s stories and rhyme books and will be reading these on the new station. I will also be playing my favourite music. I have been working on another local radio station for about three years. This is an exciting project and I hope the local population will give it plenty of support.

Nick James (aka Twig)


I was a marine sparks from when I left school, music and radio have always been part of my life. I built a makeshift studio with a big mast and people would come round and see this working station with a dummy transmitter.

I went down to Clacton and went on a little boat from the beach to the radio stations London Caroline England /Britten, what a trip and I still have pic of them. It will be great to be on air again and talk to all you lovely friends from all over the world on Southwold Community Radio and Rolly will be hear for first time.

Barry Whipps (aka DJ Bad Boy Baz)


I started mobile DJing in the 1990s in Ipswich and had a break for about two years when I helped out at a radio station in Southwold where I did two shows a week. I moved to the seaside town Lowestoft where I started a studio at home presenting shows for a station on the Isle of Man. My hobbies include listening to music and visiting steam railways up and down the country and, of course, radio communication.

Craig Taylor (aka DJ Craig)


Hi, I'm Craig Taylor


I am 16 years old. I first started radio when I was 10. After a year I became more confident with myself in talking to people. I first started on a community radio station which was a lot of fun. Now I'm very happy to be a part of southwold community radio station.



Brian Smith


I'm a retired IT consultant who enjoys life to the full. My main interests are music (of many kinds), classic cars, photography, travel, eating and drinking. Above all, I love my family and have three beautiful young granddaughters.


I've loved radio since 'Listen With Mother' and 'Housewives' Choice' on the BBC Light Programme, through the '60s and '70s pirate era and the onset of local and community radio. I have worked on hospital stations in Essex and Hertfordshire and currently broadcast on community stations in Norfolk and Suffolk.


Gerry Norvill


My name is Gerry, I'm a young 62 year old and have had an interest in radio every since the great days of "Caroline" "Radio London" and then later on "Laser558".


My heroes of broadcasting are the late great Kenny Everett and the smooth voice of radio, Johnnie Walker.


My show will feature up to date music along with new releases and a mix of music that is chosen by my "SuperMusicComputer" from the 70's 80's 90's right up to today.


Also I will be keeping the listener up to date with local events.

If you want an event mentioned or a music request then Email me on


Mark Lindsey


Hi I`m Mark


I am a semi-retired Broadcast Electronics Engineer, who is very enthusiastic about Radio - originally my interest was ignited back in the sixties with the Offshore Radio era with Radios Caroline, London etc.


I have been actively involved since 1993 in all aspects of Radio in Nottinghamshire with Hospital, Community, and commercial stations, plus establishing Broadcast Radio stations within a number of Colleges in Nottingham and the surrounding areas, and being involved with the delivery of Radio Training Courses.


I originate from East Anglia (Ipswich) and really appreciate the opportunity to Broadcast on Southwold Community Radio. 


Colin Rutterford



My name is Colin Rutterford. I was born (honest!) near Downham Market in Norfolk many years ago but have lived in Suffolk since I was knee high to a Grasshopper.

I've actually lived in Reydon since 1967 & have been married to my lovely wife Diana for over 50 years. We have 3 lovely daughters & 4 grandsons.

I have always had a fascination for radio especially Radio Luxemborg & the Sixties Pirates. From 2011, I spent 5 happy years presenting on another now sadly demised Community Radio.

I can now be found most Wednesday afternoons on Southwold and Lowestoft Community Radio happily attempting to present the Mid Week Country Show. My musical tastes cover most genres but especially Country(of course!) & 50's/early 60's Rock'n'Roll. I love reading & life.

Sue Winner


Hi all

I’m originally from North London, a mum to four children and wife, oh and I have 6 gorgeous grandchildren too.

Been very privileged to have spent many years abroad in America and Southern Spain and travelled to many countries. My favourite place is Las Vegas and Ronda in Andalusia Spain.

I love most genre’s of music from the forties to recent and have nice memories of music being played around our home when I was younger.

From Will-i-am and Little Mix to Doris Day and Perry Como, I love the sounds.

This radio station has some wonderful people working on it and it’s been great doing my Sue’s Selection on a Friday afternoon, so grab a cuppa and tune in at 2pm for my hour of music.

Lily Tarbox


I was born in the North East of England but spent my teenage and early adult life in North London.


My teenage years were spent listening to Radio London, Radio Caroline and Radio Luxembourg.


I have always loved radio and if I had to make a choice, I could do without the TV but not Radio which is why, now retired, I am thrilled to be invited to help with this new Community Radio project.

Jane Martin


I was born in Guildford in Surrey and lived most of my life in and around that area until moving to Lowestoft in 2009. Although I have absolutely no radio experience, I have always secretly wanted to give it a go and am proud to be a part of Southwold and Lowestoft Radio.


My passions are creative writing, reading, films and theatre, especially musicals. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share my love of show tunes with you every four weeks (Monday Musicals 5pm-7pm).


If that isn't exciting enough, Rebeccah Giltrow and I get to talk about books, films, plays and local writers in our fortnightly show, The Wordy Birds (Mondays 5pm-7pm)

Rebeccah Giltrow


I'm Lowestoft born and bred, and have lived in the area my whole life (apart from four years in Colchester while at university). I'm a part time writer and a part time library lady. I'm pretty much always reading books, and if I'm not reading them, I'm writing them! I also enjoy watching films (mainly horror), going to the theatre, baking (and eating the cakes I make), and walking with my dog, Lily, along the beach.


This is my first venture into the world of radio, and I'm very pleased to be working alongside Jane Martin, presenting our fortnightly show The Wordy Birds, on Lowestoft and Southwold Radio to share our passion for books, music, film, theatre, and everything in between! Please ‘like’ us on Facebook and let us know what you think of our show.

Kirstein Cox


Hi I'm Kirstein. I've lived in Suffolk with my family for nearly fifteen years now and can't imagine being anywhere else, after all we have a beautiful coastline, wonderful countryside, awesome skylines and the nicest people.

After a break I'm really pleased to be back on community radio. My show is a real mix and match of themes, music and content, for example, if the week's theme is 'Diamonds' then the music would be related to diamonds and there would be a diamond quiz and other diamond related content. The only thing missing would be diamond prizes....Ho hum. But you get the idea.

If you have any shout outs you'd like me to do, you can always send me a Tweet @CoxKirstein and don't forget to choose a song.

Tony Tibbenham

Grey haired sailor by day. Rock DJ by night. I get paid to do computer stuff, write thrillers for fun and occasionally get cajoled into doing something theatrical.

A classic rock show inspired by listening to my sisters heavy rock collection through the bedroom wall 'a few' decades ago. Some classics, some lesser known tracks and maybe some local rock talent too.

My only rule: "If I like it, I play it."


Suzanne Murray

Hi, I am Suzanne.


Having lived in Southwold in my twenties, I have now returned to the area after almost 40 years spent running a business and raising a family in Kent.


Although I have had no previous radio experience, I am eager to learn; I love (almost) all genres of music, and rarely stop talking, so I hope this will be an advantage!"


Martin Z


I've loved radio since I had my first little transistor radio when I was a young child. I grew up in the 70's, and in my teens I began listening to speech-based radio as well as music-based shows.

From 2009 I did some presenting on Blyth Valley Community Radio, and I look forward to continuing with that, from my home studio here in Southwold, Suffolk, on Southwold and Lowestoft online radio. (part of the East Point Group).

I enjoy classic rock/pop, motown/disco, Americana, and some country music, Celtic folk, and more. I began collecting classical cds when I was 30, and I presented a few classical music programmes on BVCR.

I'm interested in news and current affairs, and I like the American FM radio model of about 15 minutes of continuous music, followed by some talk.